Recognized as a chaplaincy expert throughout the world...

Recognized as a chaplaincy expert throughout the world, Mike often speaks to groups on the work of chaplains. Mike teaches graduate courses on chaplaincy as well as sharing his experiences in military, law enforcement, hospital, and sports chaplaincy. The material to the left is a collection of websites, articles, and organizations that will assist you in understanding what chaplains do and how they can help you.

Mike is available as a speaker or consultant on chaplaincy and PTSD/moral injury. Click on Contact Us below to send your questions or to invite Mike to speak to or consult with your group or institution.

Chaplaincy Defined

a[n ordained certified] clergyperson who has been commissioned by a faith group or an organization to provide a pastoral service in an institution, organization, or governmental entity. (Hunter 1990, 136).
refers to the general activity performed by a chaplain, which may include crisis ministry, counseling, sacraments, worship education, help in decision-making, staff support, clergy contact and community or church coordination. (136)
Hunter, Rodney J., Editor. (1990) Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 136.